Tax Planning & Compliance

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We Know Taxes!!

We spend many hours and invest significant dollars every year on continuing education classes to stay current in every field of taxation in which we are involved. We invest considerable dollars in computer hardware and software each year to assure we can provide the best, most accurate and most comprehensive tax planning and tax preparation services to our clients. Is it cheap?? No! But it is worth every penny because it allows us to provide the highest quality service to the most important people in the world—you, our clients!

From the simplest 1040EZ to the most complicated business return, we offer a complete range of tax services to individuals and small businesses. We can prepare returns for any state in the U.S. We also can assist with prior year returns, if you failed to file earlier or need to correct an error on a previously filed return. We will help you estimate your taxes for the current year and pay sufficient amounts to avoid late payment penalties.

Individual (Federal and State) Tax Preparation

  • 1040EZ—Prices start at $125.00
  • 1040A—Prices start at $155.00
  • 1040—Prices start at $195.00
  • Tangible Property Tax Returns—Prices start at $190.00
  • State Tax Returns – Prices start at $75.00

Tax Planning

Let us help you estimate your current year tax liability and assist with decisions and planning to minimize your taxes. As American citizens, we all have a responsibility to pay our fair share of taxes, but we also enjoy the privilege and right to pay only our fair share! We know the tax laws and can help you take advantage of every legal deduction and credit available to you.

  • Corporate and Partnership Tax Preparation
  • Estate & Gift Taxes—Federal and State
  • Nonprofit Organization Taxes